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In-Person Search Requests

We welcome visitors to our facility to do research with two weeks notice to set up an appointment since we are not open every day. To make an appointment, please call (716) 353-0290 or email

Long-Distance Search Requests

If you are unable to visit our facility due to distance, you may download a Search Request Form, fill it in, and email it to

In addition to your request, please be sure to let us know what research you have already done, databases you have already searched, data you already know in regard to your search. This will help us focus on further details.

Charges for Performing Searches

Priority is always given to IVHS Members. There is never a charge for members and non-members doing In-Person research.

We do charge for performing Long-Distance searches. Charges will include costs for: copies of documents and any pictures, postage and mailing, etc. Sometimes your requests are extensive which require calls, and travel to the County Museum in Machias, the Courthouse in Little Valley, and cemeteries around the county.

When we receive your request, we will contact you regarding the scope of the research and the costs involved. Upon payment, the information will be sent to you.

Requests may take 6 to 8 weeks to process during the months of May through October.
No requests are processed from November through April.

All money received is used for the maintenance of The Miner's Cabin, The Howe-Prescott House, and our 3 Park Square Research Center.
  All requests must be submitted on our Search Request Form in order to provide us with all necessary information for a successful and timely result.
  You have to download the Search Request Form in order to fill it in.

P.O. Box 153, Franklinville, NY  14737

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