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Things are beginning to open up, and we are thrilled to be able to schedule some of our much missed events. We look forward to seeing you all once again.
  Our Summer Picnic will be held at the Miner's Cabin at 6:00 PM. Meat and beverages will be provided. Please bring a dish to pass.
  Join us at 7:00 PM at Miner’s Cabin. If you like mysteries and enjoy solving “Cold Cases” don’t miss this 134 year old mystery that began in Franklinville and ended across the country.
  At 7:00 PM we will be celebrating the Anniversary of IVHS. The new plaque honoring the founders of our organization will be presented.

  We have scheduled our Annual Harvest Dinner. More information will follow
    We hope to have a Grand Opening of 3 Park Square in the future and are also looking into field trips. Please watch The MERCURY GAZETTE for more details.
You Well!

We have all experienced challenging times during the past year and a half. Thankfully, we have become experienced in how to stay healthy and still enjoy social events. Please keep this in mind as we move forward together.
          We are hopeful.

Watch for more details, and final dates and times as the year progresses.
These will be posted here,
in our quarterly Newsletter, and in our local Newspapers.


P.O. Box 153, Franklinville, NY  14737