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  Ten Broeck Academy Information at the Turn of the 20th Century

IVHS has a booklet entitled TEN BROECK ACADEMY AND UNION FREE SCHOOL. Although there is no date the information seems to be from about 1909. We learn that the public schools of Franklinville consist of two schools. The elementary school that includes the first seven grades is located on Maple Avenue. Ten Broeck Free Academy includes grade eight and the high school department in a stone building on Main Street.

The Academy was incorporated April 19th, 1862 and endowed by Peter Ten Broeck, after whom the Academy was named. In 1867 a substantial stone building was erected on a campus containing four acres at the cost of $21,000.

The booklet tells us that the schools are located in a no-license village (no alcohol) pleasant, healthy and easily accessible. The pupils are entirely removed from the temptations of the saloon and are surrounded by helpful social influences and are cordially welcomed by several churches. The Academy building has been renovated throughout and includes a new hot water system.

All pupils receive free tuition and can obtain board at reasonable rates or they can rent rooms and board themselves.

All pupils are expected to yield a cheerful compliance and adhere to the following rules:

1. Pupils are expected to be in their seats at the opening of school but will not be permitted to assemble in the school buildings until the ringing of the first bell.

2. Pupils are expected to attend all chapel services unless excused by the principal.

3. The use of tobacco in any form on the school grounds is prohibited.

4. The use of profane or obscene language on the school grounds is prohibited.

5. Any damage done by any pupil to any school property must be promptly paid under the penalty of dismissal.

6. The principal shall set apart some room in which the pupils who are allowed to bring their dinners may eat the same and remain during the noon recess. The room will be under the supervision of a teacher and the other rooms shall be closed until the teachers return.

7. Any student guilty of persistent tardiness, disobedience, improper conduct, or the violation of any of the foregoing or subsequent regulations may be suspended by the principal and expelled by the Board. No insubordinate pupil will be graduated.

8. Pupils shall be reported by the principal to the parents or guardians, and if not returned to school, shall be reported to the attendance officer and be dealt with in the manner prescribed by law for truants.

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