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  Franklinville's Sulphur Spring Santarium

Franklinville Chronicle August 1900

William Watkins contributed this article after he read the "Water Cure at Franklinville" article in the Summer 2017 Newsletter.

The Sulphur Spring Sanitarium, which is to be run by B.E. Kneebone, on Maple Avenue will be open to the public tomorrow afternoon and evening and during this time, free treatment will be given. The line of treatments which will be administered are hydropathic, electric and magnetic.

The spring which they have access to comes free and sparkling from the treasure house of mother earth. It is one of the best of its kind in Western New York. It contains all of the necessary ingredients to place a person in a good healthy condition.

In arranging for the Sanitarium no expense has been spared in making it a first class institution. It is fitted up in the very best order with all the modern appliances of an Electro-Hydropathic Institution. Every precaution has been taken from a sanitary point to prevent the transmission of diseases. Mrs. Kneebone has been very fortunate in the selection of her aides. She has secured the services of Mrs. O.M. Sweet, of Jamestown, a graduate of the Malenberg Hydropathic establishment of Jamestown and has had an extensive experience in this kind of work.

The management of the institution will be under the direction of Mr. J. H. Westcott, of Buffalo, a man who comes here with unquestionable experience and attainment in his line of work. Mr. Westcott is a graduate from the St. Louis Magnetic and Hydropathic College, and brings the highest recommendations as to ability and character. He is a man worthy of the position he holds. He handles his patients with care and also with the ability to give them just the treatment they need. On the whole hi is an educated and refined man and pleases all with whom he comes in contact. There have been some invitations distributed, but of course some have been overlooked. All who have may consider this notice as an invitation to the opening.

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