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  Merle Bull's Memories of Dances
Living in a small town had its advantages. No one lived more than 500 feet from the country. We explored creeks, walked the tracks and climbed Hogue Hill. We swam at the Elm Street Bridge and at a hole in back of Colonel Phillips.

We soon learned that the place to meet girls was at a dance. So we square danced or round it mattered not. We danced at cheese factories, the senior ball, and junior proms. We danced at the Hitch Barn, the Odd Fellows Hall and the Franklinville Fire Hall. We would dance at the Lime Lake Pavilion to the music of Art Dedrick. Little did I know that many years later my son would marry his daughter.

We danced and danced some more. I don't know what the Free Methodists did for girls or exercise. Guess they stayed single and got fat.

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