D. W. Tilden & Son General Store Burglarized

From The Franklinville Chronicle, November 4, 1910
The general store of D. W. Tilden & Son at Machias was burglarized Tuesday night. The event was not a blooming success from the burglar's view, the cause being the unexpected appearance of the proprietor D. W. Tilden with a loaded shot gun.

The burglars were discovered to be in the store by Doctor Ashely, who was returning home after a professional visit late at night. A window was up and he heard a noise. Suspecting the cause, he quietly hastened to Mr. Tilden's residence, just back of the store, and gave the alarm. Mr. Tilden came out armed with a shot gun, and with Dr. Ashley and Henry Drumb, quietly took a position to watch. Two men soon appeared at the open rear window. Their arms loaded with goods.

Mr. Tilden demanded that they halt and hold up their hands. Instead of doing so they seemed suddenly eager to be somewhere else, some distance away, and started forthwith, dropping the armfuls of goods to make possible the more speedy going. Mr. Tilden aimed low and fired, and saw one of the men fall. The other escaped.

The fellow was not seriously injured. He was attended by Dr. Ashley and turned over to the police. He refuses to tell his name and will say nothing. He is locked up in the county jail in Little Valley.

This was the second burglary staged in Machias since the start of the 1910 year. The general store of Bush and Hubbard at Machias had been burglarized on Tuesday night May 25th. An entrance was made by removing part of a light of glass in one of the rear windows.

The articles carried away comprised of shoes, razors, toothbrushes, pocket knives, etc. and probably other articles not yet missed. A gold watch owned by E. A. Cobb and left for repairs was also taken. An estimate of the loss did not exceed $100. Money left in the drawer remained untouched. It was considered the work of amateurs.
Submitted by William Watkins, Machias Deputy Town Historian.
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