Biographical Sketch -- Roy W. Van Hoesen
Roy W. Van Hoesen was born in a log house in the town of Lyndon, March 10, 1873. His schooling began in the proverbial little red country school house, and he later attended Franklinville Grammar school and Ten Broeck Academy. He was engaged in farming until nearly twenty years old.

Sunday, Nov. 28, 1892, he walked to Franklinville, and made a permanent stake in this village. He was offered a clerkship in Chandler Bros. store, and an apprenticeship in the Journal newspaper office by Ward Morton. He chose the latter and remained in the position three years. In 1895 in partnership with Virgil O. Hayden he bought the Springville News. At the end of one year they sold out and returned to Franklinville, and Mr. Van Hoesen entered the employ of Eugene M. Adams. He became closely associated in the management of the business, and during his several years with Mr. Adams the business grew from a three-man business to the largest individual business in Franklinville, with sixteen departments and over thirty men on the payroll.

Feb. 19, 1898, he became assistant manager and associate editor of "The Grape Belt" and "Fruit" publications of Dunkirk, N.Y., then run by this former employer, Ward Morton, who had leased The Franklinville Journal to Guy L Smith. Mr. Smith failed to make good, and suspended the paper July 4, 1898. Two days later Mr. Van Hoesen had charge of the Journal, and conducted it until Mr. Morton returned from Dunkirk early in the winter. Mr. Van Hoesen then returned to the employ of Mr. Adams, where he remained until the Peoples National Bank opened April 10, 1906, when he became bookkeeper of the illy-advised and more illy-conducted institution until it was closed in January 1908, when he was not only out of a job, but also out of several thousand dollars and hard earned and carefully saved earnings of half a lifetime, and began once more at zero. During the season of 1907 he managed The Assembly Store at Silver Lake, then for two years was daily messenger between Franklinville and Buffalo, meantime working up a mail-order printing business.

In October 1909 he started a very modest printing shop in the cellar of his home. It soon expanded to occupy a goodly part of the house, and in September 1912 he moved down town to the present location of The Van Hoesen Press, 14 Elm street. In 1910 he established The Ancona World and in 1912 The Campine Herald, both monthly poultry publications, and in 1914 The Yorkshire Swine Monthly. These magazines are successful and have a world wide circulation.

The first local telephone line installed in this village was done by Mr. Van Hoesen and V. O. Hayden. They secured a franchise from the Village Board, and strung about one mile of wire. Several phones were connected and the line was successfully operated for a year or two. Finally the franchise was sold to the Franklinville Telephone Co.

While living at Dunkirk he enlisted in the Brown Cavalry Company for service in the Spanish-American War, and induced twenty other to enlist with him. He came home and made his adieus, expecting to be promptly mustered in, but the Company was not called out. He is a member of Franklinville Lodge No 626 F. & A. M. which he has served as Junior Warden, and Secretary for several years. He also served three years as Superintendent of the First Presbyterian Sunday School; has been Secretary of the Lecture Course Committee; organized and was President of The Franklinville Business Men's Association for two years; and several other local and county business and religious organizations.

He is a member of the Holland Society of New York, in which membership is limited to 1,000, and qualifications are direct descendant in the male line of the Holland Dutchman who came over in the Half Moon, or who was a native of New Amsterdam prior to 1675. He has a fine copy of the original Van Hoesen coast-of-arms used by his ancestor in Holland.

He is a true chicken fancier and both imports and exports stock. Among the offices he holds in poultry circles are president of the Ancona Club of England; vice-president of The Cattaraugus County Association; member of the international Ancona Club and American Poultry Association. He is a newspaper correspondent, magazine contributor, and has published several copyrighted books.

Mr. Van Hoesen was married June 24, 1903, to Miss Lena L. Kelley of Pike, N. Y., a very successful teacher, an alumnus of Pike Seminary and Buffalo Normal. They have one child, Christine, and a find home at 37 Maple Avenue.

From: Franklinville, NY in Pictures and Story, August 1914, Page 63.

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