Welcome, Gov. Rocky!

First Governor to Visit Here in Over 15 Years

  Governor Rockefeller made a five minute visit to this village on Thursday afternoon on his Western New York political campaign for Republican presidential candidates.

The Governor met Rep. Charles Goodell and Mrs. Goodell here after the Congressman had made a platform talk to a crowd in Park Square. A factory whistle, a fire siren and the Franklinville Central School Band sounded the arrival of the political dignitaries. The governor arrived with a motorcade including state and county officials and Republican Party leaders.

Nixon-Lodge posters lined the Governor’s route and American flags flew from standards in front of stores in this downtown section for the first visit to Franklinville by a New York Governor in over 20 years.

Residents from nearby communities came to Park Square for the short political rally. Members of the Village Board, Town and School Boards as well as factory workers, school children, store clerks and housewives greeted the smiling governor and his party. The stop here was on the way to Olean, where the governor delivered a principal address in the Olean House.

Nelson Rockefeller served as Governor of New York State from 1959-1973. He became the 41st Vice President under President Gerald Ford.

From: The Sentinel, October 14th, 1960
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