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  We All Know Summer Is Coming
BECAUSE - bob veal is on the market

BECAUSE - the road scraper is put to work

BECAUSE - the fishing tackle market is booming

BECAUSE - the grasshoppers are beginning to hop

BECAUSE - Azor Curtis is wearing his linen duster

BECAUSE - the summer girl’s shirt waist is commonly seen

BECAUSE - the 2 Arthurs have shed their gamey mustaches

BECAUSE - people are beginning to move to avoid house cleaning

BECAUSE - the ice cream dealers have begun to deal it out

BECAUSE - the sidewalks are being repaired and the lawns cleaned up

BECAUSE - the out-of-town bicycles are beginning to come in for good meals at our hotels

BECAUSE - the little birds and hens pour forth their reproductive lays and the latter will sell for only 10 cents a dozen

BECAUSE - the Ancient Order of the Sons of Rest are holding regular out-door meetings on the sunny side of the street.

THE CHRONICLE – April 24th, 1896

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