The July 4th 1877 Celebration in Franklinville
  For once in its history, our village celebrated the Fourth of July in a sensible manner. The Sabbath schools of the different churches united in a basket picnic in the beautiful grove, east of the village. About 10 o’clock a.m. the happy throng fell into line headed by a band, which pealed forth the martial music most energetically and marched in fine style with banners flying, to the grove.

Very fortunately, Major E.E. Sill of Buffalo, being detained on business, was with us. After a prayer by Rev. Mr. McKay, a song, and the reading of the Declaration of Independence by J. Burlingame, Esq. Major Sill made a short speech embodying the highest sentiments of Christian patriotism. This rich treat was a surprise to all and was duly appreciated. After the speech, the multitude divided up into parties, devouring the contents of the richly loaded baskets.

Many swings were in motion, among the rich foliage. The swings, together with the croquette setts and two paper balloons which were sent up, provided amusement for all. Thanks are due to Mr. Moses Woodworth of Buffalo for this latter diversion. Early in the afternoon the company broke up, all feeling refreshed and satisfied with the way the national birthday was spent. Why not every community do the same?

-- Article from the CATTARAUGUS REPUBLICAN, July 12th, 1877 and submitted by William Watkins, Machias Deputy Town Historian.

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