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  Old Maple Avenue School is Sold

Franklinville Chronicle December 11th, 1908

The grammar school building and lot on Maple Avenue were sold Saturday afternoon to Burt Slocum for $2,000, there being no other bidders for the property at the auction held in the town room of Morgan Hall.

Guy C. Ames and John T. Dingley, the committee in charge of the sale for the Board of Education, found very little interest among the people who were present for the sale, for the reason that the lowest price which could be considered was $2,000.

Mr. Slocum will, as soon as the school is vacated, cut the building up into four sections and will spread them across the school lot equipping them as houses.

The sale reserved the school desks, stoves, blackboards and all the removable property as belonging to the district. Most of the articles will be used in the new school.

Both of the articles on the Maple Avenue School were contributed by William Watkins, Historian of Machias.

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