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  For settlers who chose to stay in the area farming and dairying became important occupations. Cheese factories also quickly appeared. At one time it was an important railroad center, but in 1992 the trains were discontinued and the tracks were taken out. Today snowmobilers use these trails in the winter.
  Education was important to the area residents and The Checkered Schoolhouse, located at the corner of Route 98, and Kingsbury Road became an important landmark. There were two factions within the town when it came to deciding on a color for the schoolhouse. One group painted it white. The story goes that in the middle of the night the other group showed up and painted it red. Richard Robbins came up with the idea of painting it red and white squares. The community thought this was a great idea and the school remained checkered until it merged with the Franklinville School District and the building was sold for a residence. Faint remains of squares can be seen on the garage.
  Today seasonal and hunting camps abound. Farmersville is the home of the Ischua Valley Country Club and Golf Course.  
From an article by Alice Wright, Farmersville Historian

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