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The first settlers in Lyndon were the Rawson brothers who arrived there in 1808 from Pennsylvania. They were followed by the Markhams and for a number of years these two families were the only inhabitants. It wasn’t until 1821 that more settlers arrived. Many were Scottish immigrants and New England pioneers.
  Farming and dairying were the major occupations and cheese factories soon appeared in the area.
  A Free Will Baptist Church was formed in 1816 and a church was built in 1839. It is still in operation today and has the only cemetery in Lyndon.
  A general store, blacksmith shop and public house were located at Lyndon Centre and education was provided in a schoolhouse that was built east of the Centre. For a short period of time this town was called Elgin.
  Today Lyndon is a “bedroom town” since most residents work away or are retired. Some Amish have settled there and the area is popular for hunters and people seeking vacation homes.  
  From an article by Syd Emmons, Town of Lyndon Historian

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