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Historical Properties Owned by the IVHS

The Howe-Prescott Pioneer House

The Howe-Prescott Pioneer House is located on Cadiz Road 1.4 miles south of the Town of Franklinville. It is a "salt box" house which was built circa 1812. It was part of the Underground Railroad. Mrs. Ruth Prescott having purchased the house later founded the IVHS in 1966. Finally, she sold it to the IVHS for restoration and to establish it as a museum. The IVHS made the necessary renovations and filled it with historical artifacts of the 1800s.

The Miner's Cabin

The Miner's Cabin is located at 9 Pine Street in Franklinville, NY. This Queen Anne Victorian house was built in 1895 by Tom Corsett and R. A. Crosby for Simone Robbins and his family. The IVHS acquired it in 1971, and has renovated it to modern standards while keeping the interior intact and filling it with historical artifacts.

3 Park Square

3 Park Square is two stories and located in the center of the 1881 Park Square building in the southeast corner of Main Street and Chestnut Street in Franklinville, NY. It was acquired by IVHS in 2017 as a donation, which was in very rough shape with a leaking roof and crumbling interior. We have renovated the property to make it weather-tight, and hosted our "2021 Visit with Santa" on first floor. The second floor has it's basic renovation complete and is nearly ready for us to stock it with our historical collections.

As the owner of these properties, we must pay for the insurance, utilities, necessary renovations, and maintenance. We are also responsible for the equipment they house: printers, scanners, etc. and providing postage, paper, and other consumables required. We are pleased with our accomplishments thus far, and look forward to the challenges of keeping everything up and running efficiently.

Our financial obligations are funded by our fund-raisers (when it is safe to schedules them) and monetary donations, all of which are tax-deductible. We are most grateful to those who are able to support us financially.

We are open to visitors (May through Dec), and invite you to make an appointment to visit our wonderful museums. We are very proud of them and our soon to be research center.

Updated: 28 Jan 2022

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